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After our first visit we left an automatic weather (AWS) station and two GPS receivers. All were outfitted with a satellite phone to return the data to us. The AWS data came back to David Holland's office at New York University. Part of that data stream included photos from two webcams. Camera A is on the instrument tower and looked south at the solar panels and wind generators. Camera B was on a solar panel pole and looked north (to Pine Island Bay) and the instrument tower. This information helped us learn what the weather is like and prepare for future visits.

The original station installed in January 2008 was named 'PIG AWS A', and was located at geographic coordinates : 75° 11.021' S (deg, decimal min), 101° 43.754' W, at an altitude of approximately 70 m. Further information on the original station is here (leaving NASA).

In January 2011, the original station was moved to geographic coordinates: 75° 48.400' S (deg, decimal min), 100° 16.300' W, and was renamed 'PIG AWS C'. The altitude at this new location is approximately 840 m. The two webcams continue to look at each other's supporting structure and into the distance beyond. They are proving very useful in informing the field team that is trying to return to this location.

See a list of available web cams (leaving NASA)