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This is a complex and challenging project. Many parts of the work are at the cutting edge of science, technology or logistic capabilities. Each of these problems must be successfully overcome for complete success. The sequence of separate project elements is:

Landsat image
Landsat image of hte PIG ice shelf
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Size Her Up

During the drilling, there will be another group being hopped to dramatic sites all over the ice shelf via helicopter. Their job is to use seismic waves, generated by either small explosive charges or by repeatedly hammering a metal plate on the surface, to measure the thickness of the ice shelf and the underlying water cavity at up to 30 locations spread across the ice shelf. These data will give us the first information of the three-dimensional shape of both the ice shelf and the water underneath. Without these data, computer models can’t produce meaningful results. This group will definitely have the best pictures of incredibly crevassed sections of the ice shelf.